Jennifer Taff

Name, number of years as an SLP, current place of work: Jennifer Taff, 23 years, Martin Army Community Hospital at Fort Benning, GA

Personal interests: I find that I spend much of my free time reading, creating arts and crafts, fermenting everything, and doing yoga. I spend a lot of time doing these things with my immediate family (husband and 2 teenage boys) as well as my extended family. I also love music and have many musicians and singers in my family; we enjoy getting together for “jams”.

Main areas of SLP interest/specialty areas:  This has been fluid throughout my career. I spent years with the 0-3 population but am now focusing more on adult voice and swallowing.

Why did you choose to become a speech pathologist? There was no breakthrough moment where I made the choice. It was a gradual process of searching and finding a profession that matched my interests and lifestyle. I have been pleased with the choice, and especially love the variety and opportunities to learn and grow and learn some more!

Most significant SLP accomplishment? Establishing the SLP Program at MACH

Favorite patient story? (No pt names please!) After 23 years, how would I choose just one? My work life has been full of amazing patients!

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