Raquel Ramos

Name, number of years as an SLP, current place of work: Raquel Ramos, 15 years, Miami VA Hospital

Personal interests: Wine, travel, being a mom

Main areas of SLP interest/specialty areas: Dysphagia, Trach and vent

Why did you choose to become a speech pathologist? I didn’t choose it, my dad actually chose it for me.  I was hell bent on being an early education teacher like my mom had been for 40 years, but he saw how much she struggled as a teacher and being underappreciated, so he applied for me to a bunch of schools without my knowledge.  I thought I would work with kids for the rest of my life and didn’t understand why anyone would ever want to work with adults! God had different plans for me and once I got to the VA I knew I had found my calling.  I came as a student, continued as a CF, and I never left!

Most significant SLP accomplishment? Starting the VVC HBPC Program at the Miami VHA!

Favorite patient story? I worked with a cochlear inpatient who despite surgery could not understand when people talked to him, we got very close and I still see him once in a while on VVC but he doesn’t recognize me anymore.

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